formoclean Hard Surface Clean & Polish (Concentrate)

Hardwood Cleaner Concentrate Features

  • Made with Only Plant & Mineral Based Ingredients
  • Free of harsh or unsafe chemicals
  • Non Toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Free of dyes
  • Safe for use around children and pets!
  • Highly Concentrated Formula
  • For use on sealed hardwood, engineered wood, or vinyl surfaces
  • Leaves a light shine
  • Residue Free

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Non Toxic • Environmentally friendly  Biodegradable

Our concentrated hardwood cleaner and polish has all the great features found in our regular cleaner, but in a concentrated formula. Convenient for larger areas and it will leave your sealed wood surface floors looking bright and beautiful and leave a light shine. You can easily remove footprints, dust, dirt, grease, grime and more!

Your 2 in 1 Solution: Clean/ Polish


Just mix with warm water at recommended concentration, and moisten mop or cleaning device. And because it’s formulated with plant based, biodegradeable ingredients, there is no harsh chemical residue or offensive smells.

And like so many Formoclean products, it’s non-toxic and safe around children and pets.