Hygenall Decon Soap (FieldWash)

Hygenall FieldWash is the solution firefighters everywhere have been looking for. Providing the ultimate amount of protection against harmful germs and build up that can linger on the skin, firefighters can spend less time cleaning up with this firefighter decon soap.

Fires can leave a person covered in everything from soot to harmful chemicals. Some materials stick to the body thanks to an electrostatic process. Thanks to the cationic surfactants in Hygenall FieldWash, people can rest easy knowing that their body is completely clean after use.

If the skin is not cleaned off correctly, there is always a chance of further health issues down the road. Some chemicals and germs can do a lot of damage to the skin while others can affect other parts of the body. Even traces of a chemical or germ on a person’s skin all day can put them at risk. Keeping pores clogged or breathing in harmful materials can create a definite problem that can be completely avoidable if using Hygenall FieldWash.

Hygenall FieldWash can completely remove any heavy metals sitting on the skin. Nuclear metals also wash right off with the use of the soap and a biodegradable cloth. The skin is left hydrated thanks to the soothing fragrances and natural plant extracts used in the soap. This helps protect against damage during the rest of the day as well.

You can safely use the firefighter decon soap in the kitchen or bathroom at a fire department. There is also an option we provide when water is not available out in the field. Non-rinse two-ounce bottles can go in web gear so that it is always available at a moment’s notice. It is the most convenient way to get harmful materials off the body without having to waste time finding a proper bathroom.

To a lot of firefighters, all soaps might seem relatively the same. There are a lot of similarities between Hygenall FieldWash and standard soap found elsewhere, but the slight changes in formula make a huge difference. After only one use, we guarantee that people will feel the difference. No other profession goes through quite the same rigors as firefighters. It makes sense to have a soap that is completely dedicated to living a healthier life.

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  • Patented technology removes a Full-Spectrum of toxins including harmful metals and chemicals
  • Full decontamination
  • Soothes and repairs skin
  • Free of Latex, Parabens, Betains and Aloe Vera
  • Non-rinse option available