6School Safety Solutions For What Matters Most!

EcoVasive is committed to delivering advanced infection control solutions for total campus protection. Through innovative measures and cutting-edge technology, we strive to create a secure and healthy environment, safeguarding the well-being of the community we serve. With 6 Total Campus Protection Solutions, Ecovasive keeps your Students, Faculty & Family Safer and Healthier.

Triton Vape Detector

  • Ensures Fewer Absences
  • Higher Productivity
  • People Count in Bathroom
  • 30-70% Drop in 10 Days
  • THC + CO2 + VOCs
  • Key Word Recognition
  • Testing For Fentanyl Strips

Disinfection & Odor Control

Total Electostatic Disinfection Of School Facilities With Over 2 Billion Square Feet Treated!

Solar Gard® Armorcoat®

  • Security laminate keeps intruders OUT
  • Security laminate buys TIME for response force to intervene
  • Most affordable layer of PROTECTION
  • 100% Success Rate at Keeping Intruders OUT

Shield Campus

Keeps Students Safer!

  • Automated
  • Attendance Management
  • Health Management
  • Substitute Teacher Mgt.
  • Behavior / Discipline
  • Mental Wellness
  • Mass Communication
  • Visitor Check In / Out
  • Alerts / Notifications
  • Digital Hall Pass
  • Crisis Management

  • Extremely High-Throughput Walk-Through System
  • Mass Casualty Screening Technology
  • Entry Shield Screen and Flow
  • Immediate Notification of New Events
  • Different than ferromagnetic detection devices (FMDS(
  • Detects both ferrous and non-ferrous mass casualty weapons
  • Discriminates cellphones, tablet, laptop and other large metallic personal belongings

The World's Best Air Purification System! Easily Remove 99.99% Of Toxic Particles From Any Environment Conveniently And Quietly.

  • Higher productivity among workforce
  • Improved concentration and energy in students
  • Less coughing and sneezing in waiting rooms
  • Fewer headaches and fatigue for staff
  • Odors disappearing and a more comfortable environment
  • Significant reduction in indoor allergens

The Best Defense Against Harmful Viral, Bacterial and Fungal Pathogens!

We help keep your community safer an healthier!

Our solutions, one an all-natural non-toxic disinfectant; the other, an up to 90-day surface protectant.

Our Disinfectants effectively destroy 99.99% of emerging enveloped and non-enveloped pathogens, such as Flu, Staph, Strep, MRSA, Salmonella, and others.

Our 90 Day Surface Solution can provide safe, fast and effective protection against Mold, Mildew and Odor causing Bacteria!

Wherever you and your family live, work, study, or play, we make it as healthy and safe as possible. Our solutions are both safe and effective.

The Latest Technology, The Best Protection

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Our Clients

Perdue Chicken
Blue Bird Body Company
Eldercare Pharmacy
Coldwell Banker
New American Funding
Chicken of the Sea
Northrop Grumman
GA Farm Bureau
Frito Lay
Paul Davis Construction
Bakersfield Schools
Houston Public Schools
Crossett School District
Hope Public Schools
Lavaca School District
Highland School District
Lutie School District
Lead Hill School District
Viola School District
Yellville Summitt School District
Mountain Home Christian Academy
Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority House
The Learning Center PreSchool
Avant Garde PreSchool
Anstaff Bank
First Community Bank
Arkansas State University Mtn Home
Arkansas Northeast College
North Arkansas College
Baxter County Sheriff Office
The Meat Shop
Todd Gilbert Insurance
Mercer University
Fayette County Schools
Effingham County Schools
Floyd County Schools
Valdosta City Schools
Bryan County Schools
Stephens County Schools
White County Schools
Peach County Schools
Monroe County Schools
Emanuel County Schools
Ben Hill County Schools
Cook County Schools
Lumpkin County Schools
Pike County Schools
Dodge County Schools
Meriweather County
Putnam County Schools
Screven County Schools
Commerce City School
Wilkinson County Schools
Irwin County Schools
Pelham City Schools
Crawford County Schools
ACE Charter Schools
Perry High School
Jeff Davis County High
Johnson County Schools
Wilcox County Schools
Echols County Schools
Warner Robins Middle School
Lake Joy Primary School
Hancock County Headstart
Scintilla Charter School
Christ School
Thomson Middle School
Veterans High School & FFA
The Westfield School
Frederica Academy
Foundation Academy Daycare
Stepping Stones Daycare
Meadowdale Daycare
Sensibilities Daycare
Kid’s Loft Daycare
Westfield School
Savannah County Daycare
The Speech Path
Sandy’s Sandbox Daycare
Blue Bird Body Company
Parrish Construction
Gilmer Packaging
Coldwell Banker
First National Bank Bainbridge
Morris Bank
First National Bank Cairo
Flint Energies
SunMark Bank
Hollinsworth & Vose
Cherokee Brick
Northrop Grumman
GA Farm Bureau
Edge Fitness
R&S Mechanical
New American Funding
Gilmer Packaging & Logistics
Golden Key Realty
Go Fish
Oconee RESA
Thomaston-Upson Civic Center
Thomaston City
Tift County Public Library
City of Centerville
Carnivor Crossfit Gym
Byron Power Sports
MGA Cheer Extreme
Service Master RFCU
S&S Cafeterias
Shane’s Rib Shack
Heritage Church
Forsyth United Methodist Church
Lake Blackshear Baptist
Grace Church
Grace Pointe Church
Central Baptist Church
2nd Baptist of Warner Robins
Central Georgia Awakening
First Baptist Perry
The Vine Church
Sacred Heart
Rock Springs Church
2nd Baptist Perry
St. Patrick Catholic Church
Verandas Salon & Spa
Eldercare Pharmacy
Amneal Pharma
Magnolia Manor Assisted Living
McCullough Funeral Home
Albany Honda
Butler Chevrolet
Acura of Macon
Five Star CDJR of Macon
Lowe Toyota
Music City Auto Auction
Paul Thigpen Automotive
Kia Autosport of Columbus
Sutton Chevrolet
Hamby Chevrolet
Brannen Ford
Middle Georgia EMC
Community Ambulance
Mercedes of Macon

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