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Welcome to ecovasive

Over 3500 microbial & odor control projects completed in less than 3 years!  500 Clients can't be wrong!

Put the power of total disinfection to work for your home, school, or business when you shop the products & services from Ecovasive.  Our pathogen and odor control program provides cutting-edge electrostatic equipment with best in class, all-natural, non toxic, non corrosive botanical disinfectants.  The Ecovasive solution enables our customer to have the most effective and efficient antimicrobial protocol on the market today.  Our pathogen and odor control solutions allow you to eliminate harmful germs while creating a healthy environment.  Ecovasive products and services are made to control pathogens within three minutes of contact.  Our Disinfectant has an EPA registered 3 minute kill claim on most harmful pathogens (bacterial, viral, fungal).  These pathogens can include the Flu virus, MRSA, Staph, and even Tuberculosis, Mold & Mildew. Now we have a 4 minute kill claim on Norovirus, as well as an indication for Dust & Indoor Allergens!

Mission Statement

Ecovasive improves the overall health of facilities, decrease absenteeism, and increase productivity by controlling dangerous pathogens.  Ecovasive™ is leading the way in modern pathogen & odor control with the only electrostatic applied pathogen control system with extended efficacy of pathogen control on hard non porous surfaces.  Our products are safe, non toxic, and non corrosive.  Ecovasive is fighting pathogens on the street by blocking the spread of infection.