Transportation Disinfection

Keep Customers and Employees Healthy

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Public and private transportation services are used by thousands of people every day. They touch, hold, and sit on surfaces transmitting pathogens with ease. Whether your transporting people on an airline, bus, subway, taxi, or rideshare vehicle, we can disinfect and keep your service safe for you and your passengers. If your transit vehicle is plagued with bad odors, we can eliminate those too, making a pleasant experience for your customers.   

Public Transportation

It’s no secret that public transportation is a hotbed for germs and infectious outbreaks. High-risk areas include:

  • Hand grips & rails
  • Seats
  • Storage bays
  • Payment terminals

Ecovasive works with cities and municipalities across the South East to help reduce contamination levels in busses, trains, and special service vehicles.

Rental Fleets

Rental fleets are continually being cleaned and disinfected. The time and resources that go into keeping your rental fleet germ free are substantial. Ecovasive partners with fleet owners to take that burden off their plate. We can disinfect and deodorize a vehicle in a few minutes. The treatments are fast-acting. Aside from protecting your customers, letting them know their rental is germ and odor-free is a nice selling point for your marketing efforts. 

Ride Share & Taxis

If you’re an Uber or Lyft driver at the end of your shift you return home with millions of new passengers, but not the kind that leave tips.  Every seasoned driver has a good story or two about a post-ride cleanup they’d like to never experience again.  Ecovasive can decontaminate your vehicle, protect you and future passengers, and eliminate foul odors introduced by hygiene challenged passengers.

  • Uber
  • Lyft
  • Taxis
  • Limo Services

Transportation Disinfection Protection Plans

Ready to start keeping your vehicles germ and odor-free? Ecovasive offers a number of transit service plans to ensure the long term protection for yourself and your passengers. Contact us to find the right solution for you.