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The sheer number of students and faculty exposed to infections leaves the door wide open for severe outbreaks to occur. The good news is Ecovasive’s defense protocol and pathogen-destroying technology minimize outbreaks in your school or daycare facility before they start.

Since 2016, we have disinfected and protected hundreds of schools and daycares across the Southeast.

Ecovasive is the only infection control company approved and recommended by the Georgia School Board Association. Many school districts use our 90-day surface defense program of treatment every quarter applying Ecovasive’s protective shield. In Georgia alone, over 50 school districts utilize our defense program every quarter.

Why have so many chosen us?
Because, Ecovasive’s disinfection and defense solutions offer a way to provide the safest environment to protect students, faculty, staff, and bus drivers by disinfecting and protecting classrooms, offices, gyms & locker rooms, and buses. Our team of trained technicians can help you prepare your school by treating all buildings and buses within your school district within one day (or overnight).

“We chose to partner with Ecovasive to provide an extra layer of protection for our schools, and we could not have asked for better service. They accommodated our timeline and treated all facilities and buses within a few days of our initial discussion to ensure we were ready for teachers and students to return to school. They let us know exactly when to expect them and followed up to ensure all had gone well. The price is very affordable compared to similar services, and the benefit of extra peace of mind for students, staff, and parents is certainly worth it.

Suzanne Couey
Superintendent Wheeler County School District

School Treatment

Traditional spray-and-wipe methods do not eliminate all germs and bacteria because they do NOT reach untouchable areas (cracks and crevices). They also do NOT allow proper dwell time to eliminate anything. Traditional cleaning methods are hampered by inadequate surface area coverage, always leaving significant amounts of pathogens behind.   

Our Electrostatic technology allows our solution to penetrate the places where germs can hide in desks, tables, toys, books, lockers, bathrooms – anywhere within a school setting.


How else would you control pathogens on student pencils?

Regularly scheduled treatment can:

  • Increase average daily attendance
  • Keep students on track (CCRPI)
  • Reduce the need for substitute teachers
  • Defend against infectious outbreaks

Daycare Centers

Daycare centers are breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. Young children have not developed good hygienic practices like hand washings and clean bathroom habits. At the same time, young children have a need for physical contact, and they touch toys, books, and every surface in their space. It creates a big challenge for keeping young children healthy.  

Ecovasive has the experience and technology to disinfect Daycare centers and keep them bacteria and virus free. We break the chain of infection. All our products are safe for young children. The Ecovasive program has been proven to reduce the spread of STREP and Foot & Mouth Disease.

“This was a wonderful service. Very professional and efficient. We are delighted we used it and feel protected. Recommend them highly.”

Nancy Robins
schools daycare gym

Athletic Facilities

Athletic facilities and equipment at your school, like gyms, wrestling & cheerleading mats, weight rooms, training equipment, pools, showers, and locker rooms, are saturated with germs and foul odors. When you pair this environment with skin abrasion and open wounds, infections can quickly multiply and lead to serious diseases like STAPH and MRSA.

Ecovasive can provide you with protection that works 24/7 to destroy harmful pathogens and eliminate nasty odors while being safe and harmless for human contact. Whether we disinfect using our all-natural EPA- registered solution or apply our 90-day surface protectant, we help ensure the safety and health of your young athletes and coaches.

To date, the schools that Ecovasive has treated have had zero cases of any skin infections.

How else would you control infection on football helmet chin straps?

School & Daycare Pathogen Defense Plans

Ready to increase your average daily attendance, save on cleaning resources, and keep your students and staff safe? Ecovasive offers service plans to maintain the protection for your school, athletic facilities, or daycare center. Contact us to find the right solution for you.