Hygenall Decon Wipes (FieldWipes)

Hygenall FieldWipes are a necessity for your station to keep on hand. Not only do these firefighter decon wipes handle dirt and germs as good as any soap, they also annihilate lead dust, cadmium, mercury, and other heavy metals and oxides.

Firefighting is a dangerous job, but with Hygenall FieldWipes the risk of absorbing oxides and chemicals is greatly reduced, letting you focus on the job without worry. Each wipe is individually delivered to prevent cross-contamination. They give you the ideal scrubbing power through prolonged wetness.

Cleaning equipment with regular soap or baby wipes will not cut it. Hygenall Corporation has identified that heavy metals stick to skin and surfaces and equipment through a strong electrostatic bond. Until this bond breaks, skin or equipment will remain affected. This also poses the risk of exposing dangerous metals and chemicals to family and loved ones through a process NIOSH has termed Toxic Hand-OFF

Luckily, Hygenall FieldWipes have enough punch because of their Full-Spectrum decontamination technology to eliminate these dangerous metals and chemicals. This will reduce your risk and those you come in contact with. These wipes will not only leave you feeling clean, but will also provide peace of mind through its key features:

These firefighter decon wipes are also irradiated for a shelf-life of 4 years, so they don’t pose a risk of drying out after a few months. They’re also made from environmentally friendly ingredients, leaving skin feeling hydrated, clean, crisp, and refreshing! As a matter of fact, many fire stations choose to replace all hand soap and sanitizer stations with Hygenall products due to their effectiveness against hazardous contaminants.

The Full-Spectrum technology works by incorporating cationic surfactants for metal removal. In other words, it uses these surfactants to break the previously mentioned electrostatic bond. By doing this, the wipe is able to clean off the metals and chemicals, along with soot, dirt, and regular germs. Hygenall products also do not contain latex, parabens, betains, or aloe vera. While aloe is very common in a lot of skin-care products, it is a skin softener and allows metals and chemicals to penetrate the skin layers.

For the fire station, Hygenall recommends decontaminating and cleaning all surfaces. Remember to decontaminate eating areas, bathrooms, sleeping areas, floors, and walls as well. These FieldWipes are the perfect tool for all the above. It’s a good idea to keep some handy in these key areas. Active firefighters should also carry them to decontaminate their face shields and exposed areas.

  • 5 x 8 individually wrapped wipes
  • Full-Spectrum technology to eliminate dangerous chemicals and metals
  • Non-tearable, biodegradable cloth
  • Alcohol free, Latex Free, Paraben Free, Betain Free, and NO Aloe Vera