Hygenall Decon Towel (FieldScrub)

Cleans off 99% of heavy metals including lead, arsenic, mercury, zinc, and other things you don’t want on you. These are the things that regular soap and baby wipes miss.

According to the Firefighter Cancer Support Organization, firefighters are 40% more likely to develop skin cancer. They’re 30% more likely to develop brain, rectal, and prostate cancer, among others. What gives? Everyone knows firefighting is a dangerous job, but why such high numbers?

The answer is in the soot, the smoke, and the plastic. These all contain dangerous heavy metals, oxides, and chemicals that can cling to skin and equipment. Traditional soaps and other cleaning materials aren’t strong enough to clean these contaminants off. That’s where Hygenall comes in.

The Hygenall FieldScrub extra-large pre-moistened cotton towel, along with their other products, packs enough punch to eradicate said contaminants. It does so through its patented Full Spectrum technology, which uses cationic surfactants to penetrate the electrostatic bond left by heavy metals and oxides, allowing them to be washed away.

In addition to the cleaning, this towel also provides a cooling effect. This can help to lower body temperature when in excessive heat and can also boost morale to keep going. These features make this towel especially effective in active duty, so it’s a good idea to always have some handy in the field.

They come 25 to a case in a resealable pouch so that you won’t dry out the remaining towels. Not only that, but you can heat the towel in the pouch for cold climate operations. This extra versatility is further reason to add it to your utility belt. The pouch is also 100% recyclable, as is the towel.

If you choose not to integrate Hygenall products to your fire station, you are in great risk of not only contaminating yourselves, but also your loved ones at home. If the electrostatic bond is not broken on all skin and materials, you could essentially become a walking contaminant. To avoid this, wipe and decontaminate all surfaces, gear, exposed skin, and eating areas with with a firefighter decon towel.

  • 24 towels per pack
  • 15 x 25 size, perfect for covering face and arms
  • Resealable, recyclable pouch
  • Environmentally friendly ingredients
  • Cleans away heavy metals and chemicals, but also regular dirt and germs