Hygenall Decon Cleaner (ToxOff Surface)

The Hygenall ToxOff solution can remove toxic and harmful substances from a range of surfaces. It’s available in a convenient 946 mL (1 quart) spray bottle. This design allows for easy transportation and application, even in turbulent environments.

While on the job, there’s no need to worry about finding and applying the proper solution to the surface or application material – simply spray and go. That is exactly the sort of flexibility and protection that firefighters today demand, and that the Hygenall ToxOff 1 Quart spray bottle provides.

Unfortunately, the reality is that firefighters face an increased risk of cancer and mortality due to their line of work. Ignoring the proper and regular cleaning of firefighting gear can lead to toxic materials accumulating and posing serious health concerns. Soot has is a Group 1 carcinogen. It’s often found in structure fires commonly faced by firefighters, increasing the possibility of exposure to the cancer-causing materials. Firefighters should be able to defend themselves.

Harmful substances most often give out a pungent odor and can appear as toxic as they actually are to the skin. The head, neck, and face areas are most at risk for contamination and require prompt and regular cleanings between operations. This should happen immediately after the removal of a firefighter’s gear to prevent sustained skin contact.

In many ways, the skin is a sponge-like organ and can absorb up to 60% of a substance left in direct contact with it. Hands are also a hotspot for contamination due to the role they play in interacting with the area, especially when crawling on floors. Areas on the neck and head are particularly vulnerable, as there are often portions left uncovered by their protective face piece. A firefighter’s hood can be a possible weakness as well because many hoods do not contain the protection needed to block out very fine particulate matter.

  • Instant removal of toxic residue from fighting fire
  • The mobility and convenience of a 1 qt spray bottle
  • 5 & 55 gallon drums for economical easy refill or large clean ups
  • Peace of mind to dispel of dangerous carcinogenic toxins
  • A ready and resilient team that is fully prepared to take on any task before them