4-Hour Hand Sanitizer


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$59.95 per gallon


Non-Alcohol Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

PROTECT 4 hours Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer was designed to offer features and benefits that go far beyond typical hand sanitizers. The following is a list of these features.

  • Kills 99.99% of germs within 15 seconds
  • Alcohol and Triclosan free
  • Formulated by doctors and leading scientists
  • Moisturizes and extends germ fighting protection between multiple hand washings
  • Extended protection is up to 4 hours
  • Does not strip away skin’s natural oils / protects hands from cracking
  • Proprietary formula increases germ killing effectiveness over time and repeated use
  • Does not plug skin pores / non-sticky
  • Independently lab tested against 25 gram positive / negative microorganisms (data available)
  • Safe for food handling / E3
  • FDA does not require post application rinsing of hands prior to food handling
  • Protects against dirt, oil, and grease build-up between washings

The following are FACTS regarding the use of alcohol hand sanitizers.

NOTE: Use of PROTECT 4 hours Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer remedies the below deficiencies.

  • Continued use of alcohol dries and cracks skin trapping micro-organisms
  • Test conclude that continued use of alcohol actually diminishes efficacy
  • FDA requires a potable water rinse for alcohol hand sanitizers prior to food handling
  • Alcohol hand sanitizers are banned in some school districts, prisons, day care facilities, and nursing homes due to flammability and consumption to get intoxicated
  • Under developed immune systems in children and immune compromised elderly are susceptible to the drying effects of alcohol
  • Poison control centers collectively report annually over 12,000 cases of alcohol hand sanitizer related poisonings in children under the age of six

PROTECT 4 hours Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer is safe to use in medical facilities, food service, transportation, travel, schools, day care, nursing homes, military, home, etc.

PROTECT 4 hours stands alone as a new tool for protection.