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The 2020 Coronovirus Pandemic has, more than ever, emphasized the importance of keeping your medical facility and office areas virus/bacteria-free. Creating and maintaining a safe environment for patients and staff is absolutely required to minimize infectious transmissions. While healthcare practitioners are busy treating patients and have little time for other tasks, finding time to disinfect waiting areas, treatment rooms, and staff areas can’t be ignored. Ecovasive can provide the best disinfection service available.

Beyond protecting your environment, checking-in patients has become a new, labor-intense task costing time and money. Ecovasive has the latest technology that can help reduce check-in costs and make your practice operate more safely and efficiently.


In addition to COVID-19 Pandemic concerns, other hospital-acquired infections (HAI’s) are getting more and more attention from state and federal officials. Ecovasive specializes in decontaminating and disinfecting hospitals. We follow a standard medical protocol that is seamlessly integrated into your infection control program. Because we can offer total coverage for your facility, hospital infections, and re-admits are substantially reduced after integrating our preventative program.

Outpatient Facilities

More and more people are receiving treatment outside the traditional hospital environment. As no surprise, the same HAI’s that are so common in hospitals are found in outpatient facilities in the form of Community Acquired Infections (CAI’s). Hard and soft surfaces have been identified as the leading source of cross-contamination, leading to the spread of CAI’s. Whether you operate a clinic, outpatient facility, or health center, Ecovasive can decontaminate, disinfect, and maintain a pathogen-free environment for your patients and staff.

Medical Offices

Physicians, dentists, chiropractors, and other medical professionals are the backbone of our local medical systems. They’re the first to diagnose and treat infections and are at the front lines of eradicating infectious diseases. Because of the nature of their service, they come face to face with harmful pathogens on a daily basis such as COVID-19, influenza, Strep, MRSA, and others. With high demand and small supply, healthcare professionals have little time to do anything but treat patients. Ecovasive can step in and protect your practice, patients, and staff from harmful pathogens so you can focus on what you do best.


Pet doctors have to be just as vigilant against infectious outbreaks as our human doctors. Viruses and bacteria such as Canine parvovirus, Kennel cough, and Feline Distemper are highly contagious and can spread through a facility at a rapid pace. Ecovasive can prevent and eliminate these dangerous outbreaks quickly and safely, keeping pets and staff healthy. Our medical grade BOTANICAL disinfectants contain no poisons, are non toxic to pets, and are non corrosive, we keep your equipment secure and disinfected. 

Healthcare Disinfection Protection Plans

Ready to spend more time focusing on your patients and staff and less time worrying about sanitation? Ecovasive offers a number of service plans to ensure the long term safety for your patients, staff, and facility. Rest assured, knowing you’re always operating in safe conditions.