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People visit gyms, spas, and athletic facilities to improve their health and overall well being. Facilities owe it to their members to provide a clean, disease-free environment that promotes good health. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen.  We see continued reports of health club members contracting MRSA, staph, and other illnesses on a regular basis. The problem isn’t always the gym owner, but their solution to fight these pathogens. Often they rely on members and limited staff to clean the facility, and most of the time, it just doesn’t cut it.

Common Infections found in Gyms and Spas

  • HPV – contacted by athlete’s foot
  • Klebsiella – found on shared surfaces like cardio machines, workout mats, and weights
  • Staph & MRSA – transmitted by shared towels, exercise equipment surfaces and grips

Ecovasive treatment for Gyms & Spas

Ecovasive’s all-natural botanical disinfectants kill pathogens in a matter of minutes. Delivering our powerful EPA registered products using electrostatic technology ensures full coverage throughout your facility. It’s safer and works faster than traditional disinfectants. There are no harsh chemical smells, and it’s non-corrosive properties keep your equipment safe. 

  • Get immediate pathogen control
  • Neutralize foul odors in cardio rooms and locker rooms
  • Sanitize and disinfect all machines, mats, showers, and restrooms in minutes
  • Save time and money

Set Yourself Apart

When you team up with Ecovasive, you immediately separate yourself from the competition. Ecovasive solutions and technology is rapidly growing, but still relatively new. When you partner with us, you have a truly unique selling point to share with current members and future members. Everyone can get great equipment, but knowing the place you go to for your wellbeing is safe, and pathogen-free is a huge benefit. Cleanliness is the number complaint against gyms and athletic facilities. Position yourself as the cleanest and most sanitary gym and enjoy the increased memberships.

Gyms & Spas Disinfection Protection Plans

Ready to keep your members happy and healthy? Ecovasive offers a number of service plans to ensure the long term protection for your gym, spa, or athletic facility. Contact us to find the right solution for you.