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Disinfection and Odor Removal

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Whether you’re an auto dealer or private owner or seller, putting vehicles on the market that are clean and odor-free is foundational to a successful sale. Since 2016, Ecovasive has completed over 8000 odor and automotive disinfection projects. A car can look crystal clean, yet be loaded with bacteria and germs, which leads to foul odors in the right conditions. Ecovasive decontaminates vehicles, so they look great and smell clean. Everybody loves the new car smell. 

Automotive Dealers

If you’re a dealer who purchases cars at auction or trade-ins only to find out pungent odors reveal themselves when the weather warms up – that’s a big problem.  Our disinfectants control smoke and other offensive odors in any vehicle. We currently service more than 100 car dealerships throughout the South East. Ozone and Chlorine Bombs are no longer effective. Heated and cooled seats feature tiny pinholes that trap odors. We get those odors out completely.  Our vehicle disinfecting services are ideal for all vehicles and RV’s.

Private Auto Sellers

If you’re trying to sell your vehicle online through a private listing, it can bring you a decent return. However, buyers today expect your vehicle to look and smell like vehicles they find on a dealer lot.  After you get your vehicle detailed, you still might have a germ and odor issue. When it comes to making purchasing decisions on vehicles, smell plays more of a role than we realize. Ecovasive can eliminate all unnatural smells from your vehicle and increase your chances of selling your vehicle.

Private Auto Buyers

Have you purchased a used vehicle that checks all the boxes aside from an offensive smell? It’s a good idea to get it disinfected and eliminate that foul odor. The average vehicle is home to 700 different bacteria types on every square centimeter of surface space. This adds up to a lot of germs! Chances are whoever sold you the vehicle did not properly disinfect and deodorize the vehicle. One Ecovasive treatment will decontaminate your used vehicle and get it smelling fresh and new.

Auto Disinfection & Odor Treatment

Eliminate foul vehicle odors and make your next auto sale a breeze. Ecovasive can treat all of your incoming vehicles from auction or trade-ins and get them ready for the next customer. Contact us for a free test.