Industries Served

Healthcare & Vet

Ecovasive specializes in decontaminating and disinfecting hospitals. We follow a standard medical protocol that is seamlessly integrated into your infection control program.

Schools & Daycare

Now you can protect your employees, teachers, and students more effectively and affordably than ever before.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes and long term care facilities are home to our fathers, mothers, and grandparents. They’re a place for our loved ones to safely enjoy the remaining years of life and sometimes recover from medical procedures and surgeries.

Gyms & Spas

People visit gyms, spas, and athletic facilities to improve their health and overall well being. Facilities owe it to their members to provide a clean, disease-free environment that promotes good health.


Germs enjoy the comfort of home too, and unless you have a plan to combat them, they will find ways to wreak havoc on your family’s health whenever they have a chance.  


Keeping your staff healthy starts with keeping their environment germ free. Dusting, vacuuming, and wiping doesn’t cut. You need full coverage decontamination on a consistent schedule to eliminate workplace bacterial and virus outbreaks. 


Whether your transporting people on an airline, bus, subway, taxi, or rideshare vehicle, we can disinfect and keep your service safe for you and your passengers.


Whether you’re an auto dealer or private owner or seller, putting vehicles on the market that are clean and odor-free is foundational to a successful sale.