LTC (Long Term Care) & Nursing Home

Long-Term Care Facility Disinfecting Services

Many locations require an extra level of clean to keep residents safe.  The long-term care facility disinfecting services from Ecovasive offer clients the top standard in clean.  Speak with us to put our natural disinfecting products and nursing home disinfecting services to work for you.  #nocdiff!

Preventing Illness with Nursing Home Disinfecting Services

Long-term care facilities have staff members that have the potential to bring in and pass on different pathogens.  These facilities are prone to having traces of C. Diff, Noroviruses, and Flu Viruses.  Once these bacteria reach a surface, they can easily spread and come into contact with someone else.  We offer a monthly service to treat your facility with our electrostatic technology & our non toxic disinfectant to envelop the entire facility, controlling all of the bacteria present.  Our services can help the facility avoid fines and penalties for having certain bacteria present in the area.

Contact us to use our long-term care facility disinfecting services at your location. We offer services and products for long-term care facilities and nursing homes throughout the Southeast.  Our products are available across the US.