Hospitals & Physician Practices

Hospital Disinfectant Supplies

Keep your medical facility free of bacteria and provide patients with a safe place for emergency response services when you use the solutions from ecovasive. Our natural disinfecting products are used as top-medical grade hospital disinfectant supplies.  EPA registered 3 minute kill claim on TB, Hep, MRSA, Flu, Staph, and more.  Our products are non toxic, and non corrosive to equipment.

We Work with Hospitals

We have disinfectants available for hospital applications that kill pathogens and bacteria such as C. Diff, and those found in surgery centers.  Skin infections are at the head of HAIs (Hospital Acquired Infections) rates, and Ecovasive control skin infections quickly with complete coverage of the facility.  After using our products, hospital infections and re-admits are far less likely in facilities.  We offer direct sales of our products to hospitals, so that these facilities can have the top supplies on the market available at all times.  Emergency response and monthly on site application services are also available to hospitals in the event of an incident or monthly maintenance.

Options for Physician Practices

Our monthly service program can be utilized to disinfect physicians’ facilities.  Ecovasive applies our disinfectant with electrostatic technology which disinfects waiting rooms, lobbies, exam rooms, and restrooms within the practice.  We treat the entire office with  close attention to detail.  Our electrostatic technology is used to place a negative charge on our disinfectant on to a positive surface touch point.  The Ecovasive program ensures complete coverage of all of the areas that we treat.  This program allows for a 3 minute kill on harmful pathogens.  For total disinfection, it is extremely important that disinfectants dwell for the allotted time to kill.  Our product has an EPA registered 3 minute kill claim and dries in 10 minutes leaving virtually streak free surfaces for zero wipe down.  

Contact us for a spotless facility with our hospital disinfectant supplies.  We offer options for customers throughout US.